New art! Sur les Ailes du Corbeau

I am so happy to share this new painting with you!  This is my very first oil painting, and I am so proud of it!  It is also the last painting for 2013.  I have only dabbled with oils before but decided in 2013 to switch from acrylic to oil, and I’m so glad I did.  The original painting is about 10″x15″, so prints are on the skinny and narrow end of the spectrum.  An 8×10 will have a printed area of about 6.5″x10″, so we recommend a 12×18 to get the most possible detail.

Prints are on sale for $9.99 and $15.99 (reg. $13.99 and $21.99) while this print is in pre-order status.  The image is a cellphone photo since it is still not quite dry enough to take final photographs and scans.  Prints will ship by the end of January.

The original of this painting is also available, and we can work out 3 or 6-month payment plans for anyone who wants this painting.

Prints are here: click!
Original here: click!

Zazzle, eBay, and Etsy listings will be posted once we are able to take the final scans!

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